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Where were you that day?

Where were you that day?

Where were you when the whole family decided to transform their lifestyles and all my friends decided to look at the world in a different perspective? Where were you when all the lights in the neighborhood got switched off and the candles lit up to lighten homes and neighborhoods? Where were you when all the cars were parked in their garages all day long, thus the atmosphere was purified from its emissions? Where were you when we decided not to shower for one whole day and finally were able to live that one lazy shower free day that we always dreamt of? Where were you when we finally rode that rusty & dusty bicycle that was abandoned in the garage for several years, and when how other kids starting staring at the vintage bicycle with their huge eyeballs because they were too young to witness a BMX bicycle. Where were you when we were sitting out in the garden barbecuing steaks and burgers using wood fire instead of electric grillers and when all the people in our neighborhood starting raising board and paper signs of environmental messages targeting their community and the whole world? Where were you when they tried boldly with all their guts, raised voices and speaking emotions to set an example by going all the way out of their comfort zone to show and prove to the world a revolutionary statement that simply stated “WE CAN GO GREEN”, where were you?


Where were you when all the kids and young adults were gaining fruitful awareness in class rooms and on the streets on the need to go Green and when large groups of kids and adults starting cleaning homes and streets for the whole world to witness? Where were you when my whole family including relatives started getting into positive conversations about green initiatives and daily sustainable activities? Where were you when for the first time ever I actually noticed people appreciating the greenery that they were surrounded by? Where were you when for the very first time I experience a home without an electronic or digital device flashing or blinking? Where were when for the first time I notice people actually appreciating our natural hot and humid weather we are surrounded by and blessed with and not complaining in Grievance about why their noisy air conditioners aren’t functioning while being very impatient for getting the telephone number of the closest air conditioner maintenance technician in town?

No honestly where were you when all the recycling bins in town were so filled up that probably for the first time ever it wasn’t able to meet all household recycling supplies? When the metro stations were so crowded with travelers in a chaotic state that it just hit the Metro authority’s infrastructure management on why the probability of this occurrence wasn’t envisioned and taken into consideration, where were you?

Where were you when all media companies lost huge amounts of revenues and profits because people had completely abandoned their TV’s for hours and hours? Where were you when we made fun of a few anti environmentalists who were not part of this revolution while holding on such an opposing and negative attitude towards environmental change?

Where were you when we mourned the finale of Earth day on April 22nd 2013?

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