Today’s advice: A couple of ways to reduce your electricity bills.


We have sadly reached the point in time where the extensive use of electricity at homes and offices has turned out to be carelessness at its peak. Without our realisation, we are consuming this gift from god probably even more than our consumption of water. The true cost of electricity is realised only when we experience a sudden outage, thats when we truly gain consciousness, and understand that every single thing in our homes works on electricity without exception.  What we also realise by spending huge amounts of electricity is our rocketing electricity bills which we complaint about month after month. The question is, WHY are you so ignorant while using so much electricity if you don’t want to pay high bills??

Today’s advice is exclusively for all of you including me who tend to take the gift of electric power for granted, every single day of our existence.

  • UNPLUG your electric devices or appliances: leaving devices plugged in the outlet has become one of those habbits which is IMPOSSIBLE to change. We have become so lazy & neglecant, that not even for once we bothered knowing if whether these devices, although turned off, is it somehow still utilizing power without us knowing about it. Well the answer to this query is, YES, as long as the devices are plugged in, it doesn’t matter whether they’re switched on or off, it will stll consume energy. Let us also take mobile/smart phones as an example, if the charger is plugged into the outlet, even unplugged from the device, it will still consume energy. Moving forward, make sure you unplug all unused devices/appliances from the outlet.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs (is what we normally use in our homes, which consumes lots of energy) with Fluorescent bulbs  if possible. I understand it is not what we desire in most places in our house, but hey, it IS the best way to consume less energy, isn’t it :-).
  • Whenever possible, use the Microwave instead of an electric stove for cooking meals. I know it is not the ideal way for cooking proper meals, especially in our community, but you would be surprised to know that using a microwave utilizes approximately 90% less energy than what it takes to use an electric oven. So make sure you plan what can be pushed into the microwave and what must be cooked using an oven. This can be a great opportunity for you to save lots of evergy especially during the month Ramadan.
  • Balance the usage of Heating and Cooling systems. This activity plays an immense role in reducing energy usage especially during summer in Dubai, where the weather goes up to 45 degrees c. Try turning the heater off during the afternoons when the hot temperature is at its peak. In addition, try to turn off the air conditioner every now and then during the evenings and nights when the weather gets back to normal, leaving the AC switched on for 24 hours uses loads of electricity, and it is also the reason why most houses go through frequent AC maintenances.

To conclude, I’d like to say that all this is not possible without having a change management plan at our homes among our family. Everything starts with baby steps and then slowly consistency is built, and in the end, a culture is rooted.

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