Daily Advice: Environmental Voluntourism


We all dream of those once in a life time opportunity that could bring back that fading smile and the feeling of accomplishment, which we tend to seek day after day. You have probably already experienced the magical feeling of happiness by doing minor acts of kindness, such as, feeding a cat, a dog or a bird. Just imagine yourself going all the way out of your comfort zone, by volunteering for a once in a life time activity to save the planet. Why don’t you dedicate your upcoming summer or winter holiday to “Voluntourism” rather than the usual Boring tourism that  will only end up giving you a sense of Deja vu, and it’ll leave you lecturing yourself about how you could’ve utilised your budget in something much more worthwhile and adventurous. Well then, why don’t you take this opportunity, and make your next vacation a kind of adventure that can give you the chance to act as a hero, an environmental hero that is.

What is exciting and awesome, is that I have just come to discover that there is a dedicated international environmental charity body named EarthWatch Institute, and its mission is to engage people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. 

EarthWatch truly steals your interest by having yearly Expeditions focusing on various environmental research areas which you can volunteer for and be part of. Personally, I’ll be very sad to say that, until unless I don’t go on any one of these expeditions sometime in the near future, my desire to fulfil my lifelong adventure, would be incomplete 😦 .

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