Water Proof infrastructure, is our only hope, to survive this century


Nature cannot speak, it cannot express its feelings, thus it cannot act as a witness. It either lives or dies, and if it rages, it destroys. Global warming and its causes is a crime, which tortures each and every corner of our planet day after day. However, we as human beings, always seem to forget that we are part of this planet, and if the planet is in pain, we are in pain. It is a natural notion of our existence, which is, however we treat something, it will treat us back the same way. This same concept applies to our planet as well, because we have been treating it unfairly, thus we are being punished.

I couldn’t stop admiring the fascinating special effects that caught my attention in the movie Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, it was mesmerizing to witness how the Mysterious island was drowning and being swallowed by the ocean brutally. The velocity at which the water was continuously destroying the island was horrendous. Non the less, the ancient inhabitants of the island had foreseen this catastrophe, which they probably knew, was inevitable. Accordingly, they had planned to have an underwater stationed submarine, their only hope for survival.

Glaciers are melting rapidly, rising sea levels gradually at a frightening rate. It is a concerning reality which is inevitable, and preventing it is a losing debate among environmentalists and scientists. Recent studies on rising sea levels have discovered that, the effect of this natural disaster won’t only go about flooding beaches and cities close to coastal areas, but it can also corrode building foundations  from below that can fall prey to such disastrous events. Furthermore, Researchers suspect that sea level could rise more than six feet by this century’s finale. It is indeed a scary measure, which must trigger high alerts to all real estate developers, warning them that negligence to climate change is not an option anymore, and that the time has arrived to start investing and planning to build innovative, Water proof solutions to survive this century.

In conclusion, it is such a tragedy to see some politicians losing confidence in sustainable solutions, hence they aren’t willing to invest in new innovative green technology for protecting the future of their people, they strongly believe that people are not the source of this catastrophe, and that the possibility of a mythical disaster cannot possibly be true. We are truly living at very critical times, where anti-environmentalists are winning a lost war on Global warming. Governments & Businesses must be protested against their routine anti-environmental economic activities, they are guilty of a crime, one which does not have a clearly defined evidence, neither does it have a clear witness to prove its guiltiness.

Do you think water resistant infrastructure is the way to the future?

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