Daily Advice: Do not buy souvenirs made from protected species.


Overexploitation of living things-as a result of hunting, fishing, or excessive harvesting-is one of the main reasons for species extinction. When trade of a species continues despite its being protected, it is called trafficking. Illegal trade in threatened animal and plant species is the third largest form of trafficking in the world after arms and drugs; this trade affects 13% of the bird and mammal species threatened with extinction.

By buying certain objects or souvenirs that come from protected species, you are encouraging this illegal traffic and speeding up the extinction of species. When you are on vacation, do not buy whole shells, preserved animals, or jewellery, combs, eyeglass frames, or trinkets made from, for example, the shells of sea turtles-having inhabited the planet’s oceans for several tens of millions of years, they are now in danger of extinction as a result of human activity.

-Abrams, “365 Ways To Save The Earth”, 2008

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