Wildcats are dissapearing!!

Wildcats are one of the many species that beatifies Earth’s nature. Just imagine yourself, standing in an african jungle early in the morning, watching different species of wildcats. It might sound terrifying I know, but then if you think of their natural beauty, and how their skins color paints their natural Green surroundings, it makes me wonder, what beauty can earths nature bring without these species adding their spices. These species are the spices of nature, which provides it with flavor, just like how spices transform the natural taste of food into something else entirely.


Unforetunately and as sad as this might sound, as many of you may already know, these wildcats are dissapearing year after year, they are litterally on the verge of extinction. Imagine a world without birds flying in the sky, beautifying our skies and adding life into it.

Furthermore, these wildcats are not only considered wild animals with beautiful skins that prey on other species, in reality, they actually play a very important role in maintaining natural resources. Other than the fact that wildcats are killed for their skins and other factors, the human practice of killing wildcats for the purpose of avoiding dangerous conflicts is mainly because of the excessive killing of livestocks for selling food to the world.

The good news is that, there have been many organisations that have been initiated recently that have raised loud voices to put a stop to this massacre and sad evolutionary extinction. One of them is Panthera.org, a full fledged organisation that has specific programs to protect all wildcat species from extinction. As part of its program, it also accepts money donations from people all around the world in order to further support and contribute to the wildcat conservation program.

This is a very good opportunity for everyone to protect and support the Coolest animals in the universe.


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