The Weather Channel

Does any one of you follow weather forecasts anymore? I don’t, so I just wanted to know if you do. Whats funny is that, I just discovered a channel that is completely dedicated to weather news/forecasts and it has a website as well, its called ‘The Weather Channel’. I’m sorry did I just hear you say that you already KNOW about this channel, well then I guess I’m too far behind for not knowing about it.

Personally without disrespect to other people, I don’t even remember when was the last time I even bothered taking a minute of my time checking the news for weather forecasts, I’m assuming it was before google most probably. Did you just hear what I just said, I said the last time I actually BOTHERED following the weather forecast, bothered means the last time I opened the TV with the least intention to not change the channel during the weather forecast news.


Anyway, the point that I’m trying to reach here is that, the way we’ve been treating weather forecasts, looking at it as a means to buy tanning products, umbrellas or skiing gears won’t stay for long, from the Global warming changes that are occurring nowadays and will probably continue in the future, we should start educating ourselves by trying to understand the patterns and trends of changing weathers day after day, month after month and year after year. And the only way to learn that is by consistently following weather forecasts in a very disciplined manner and trying to understand how the changes are happening in various parts of the world and how can changes in weather in other parts of the world affect your country or city. No this isn’t only the job of weather forecasters, scientists or researchers, everyone should be his own researcher from now onwards.


For all those people who don’t care to switch on the weather channel to watch a 2 minutes weather forecast highlights, and would rather prefer to go through sports highlights, be prepared to taste bitterness, because sometime in the near future, the weather channel will be the first channel we will subscribe for or prolly MUST subscribe, and weather forecasts will be the first updated information we would want to acquire as we wake up from sleep in the morning.

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