People of Earth, any last wishes before mission Oblivion?

No, this isn’t the prequel of cruise’s latest sci fi “Oblivion”, although the movie does leave many crucial Environmental messages to the audiences, for those who have already watched the movie will know what I’m referring to.

Unlike other previous greedy civilizations which raced to territorial expansion and other personal gains, this is the first civilization ever whose mission for more and more economic growth is on the verge of destroying planet earth.

I’ve discovered something new recently, a kind of knowledge that was already there for many years and global warming scientists are well aware of it but unfortunately this is the first time that it has come to my attention. Unless you are a science freak or someone who has read a lot about global warming in general might probably have heard or read somewhere that CO2 (Carbon dioxide concentration) levels have almost reached the mark of 400 ppm (parts per million).

Your question would most probably be what is ppm? Now I know most of you out there aren’t into chemistry or physics, as you can see I myself am not able to remember if CO2 was taught to me during chemistry classes or physics, most probably chemistry I think, please correct me if I’m wrong, either way it doesn’t really matter at this moment of time. I’ll make it easier for you to understand in a simple way, according to  Joe Romm’s blog post on which is based on a research done by Jonathan G. Koomey


CO2 levels for the past 12,000 years (a study done via Koomey)

It’s interesting to know that for approximately 12,000 years the CO2 concentration was at a static unchanged level of around 250-300 ppm (parts per million), but whats frightening is the fact that since the start of the 20th century (1900) it started going beyond 300 ppm and constantly increasing to the current level of approximately 400 ppm.

This technically means that for the first time in human history a 100 ppm has increased in only a century.

It is important to bring to everyone’s attention that this is not another movie on Global warming, or my attempt to include this post in the latest issue of National geographic or time magazine, no my fellow readers, this my dear friends is A REAL FACT which requires A REAL SOLUTION in order to avoid A REAL AND SAD TRAGEDY.

I rest my case 😐

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