How can Recycling Mobile Phones save our Planet?

I want to tell you all something, if each and everybody in the world buys and uses at least 2 mobile phones every year or a year and a half (This is approximately the number of phones that individuals purchase since the last couple of years with new technologies releasing every 6 months) and if you multiply that number with 4 billion (lets say that approximately 4,000,000,000 people use mobile phones on the planet, most probably more I have not checked the statistics), so ( 2 * 4,000,000,000 = 8,000,000,000) YES that is correct, approximately 8 BILLION mobile phones are being used every year and then those are exchanged with other 8 BILLION mobile phones every year or 2 years.

Have you ever thought about the amount of natural resources that are being used to manufacture billions of mobiles every year. Did you know that the following materials are being used in huge amounts to manufacture mobiles:

nickel (a type of Metal)

cadmium (Another type of Metal)





plastics and other metals

These are considered crucial materials that are used in most products and the fact that it is being over excessively used for manufacturing billions of mobiles every year and that also which are being exchanged frequently is a matter which mobile manufacturing companies must be taking seriously and try to find alternative solutions to this problem which is slowly threatening our planet without us noticing.

Furthermore, ever thought of the dangers that mobile phones can bring to our planet once disposed. As I mentioned earlier that mobile phones contain a number  of materials, however those materials can be very harmful as well. These substances can have a devastating impact if they are released into the environment. Also the problems get worse  if the handsets end up in landfill sites or if they are dumped illegally because this could lead to toxic substances seeping into the soil and groundwater.

To conclude, the only solution to this issue is the need to Recycle, every single country must have an initiative to recycle mobile phones, mobile manufacturing companies must too play a role in this initiative.

Unfortunately most countries around the world do not have mobile phone recycling activities and this is something which must be considered urgently before it is too late.

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2 thoughts on “How can Recycling Mobile Phones save our Planet?

  1. This is a very informative article and i think recycling your mobile phone is one of the best approaches you can take to selling your phone. i would like to add some more information, i heard about some mobile phone recycling companies like faddyfone which offers competitive industry rates for old mobile phones, regardless of the make and model.

    • Thanks for the comment Hammad, yeah I agree on that too. the idea behind this article was to bring a sensenof awareness to individuals who buy a lot of mobile phones which eventually forces companies to produce and sell even more mobile phones year after year.


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