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Protecting Rainforests has become the responsibility of each and every individial, organization and country due to excessive deforestation. According to a 2007 study done by the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF), Almost 60% of the region’s forests could be wiped out or severely damaged by 2030, as a result of climate change and deforestation.

Please just look at the picture below and tell me that you can imagine our planet without such beautiful rainforests, I cannot that is for sure.

All people have the tendency and desire to contribute to the environment , to help by any means possible to protect the environment from being destroyed. Some go all the way by climbing mountains such as the Himalayas and mount everest for the purpose of raising donations, others go walking or cycling from one city/country to another and some like jogging for miles. However, most of us like to follow the most convenient means of contribution such as handing out donations to a specific individual or organization which take environmental action accordingly.

But even though the above mentioned activities are acts of honor and shows how deeply responsible some people are and to what extent they are willing to go just to help save their environment, other people might not be willing to go that far but deep inside their hearts they understand the sense of reponsibility towards protecting the environment and will be willing to contribute in any way possible.

This is where www.Ecosia.Org comes into picture, a search engine dedicated to environmental sustainability by donating revenues to the world’s most effective rainforest protection programs. What it does is that it lets searching the web double as an ecological contribution.

As shown in the image above, the search engine works like google where you could search for various information (web, images, maps, news and videos).

In other words, by using as your day to day search engine instead of google, you are thus helping protect RainForests, what more can you ask for :D. So then everybody, please don’t let this opportunity go out of your hands and try to make use of it. is built for a great purpose, let us all be part of it and support it.


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