The Tragedy of Excessive Water Usage

Bad habits are not easily changed, and they can stay rooted in us for the rest of our lives. To be honest every single day you see most people wherever you go do not take environmental matters seriously and don’t seem to understand or have a sense of awareness on how they are utilizing their natural resources.

Every single day new environmental articles are written in newspapers and magazines about the decrease in water sea levels day after day and other articles on how people are miss using water in their daily lives carelessly. But then the first thing you notice as you enter public toilets on the street, at work or in a mall is how irresponsible people are while using tab water.

It hurts to see how carelessly people waste more water than they actually need for either washing their face, their mouth, brushing their teeth, shaving etc. Like I said earlier, we have built this habit of waisting water unnecessarily similar to people kicking a Football randomly and missing.

I do understand the fact that while having a shower you enjoy having enough water hitting your body (another bad habit) for the purpose of feeling a sense of refreshment and to maybe release stress or tension or whatever or in other words ‘it makes you feel goood’, so you give yourself this excuse that it’s okay to utilize more quantity of water than what you actually require, definitely a very bad habit which needs to be stopped immediately. But if you only new the amount of water which is utilized during a 15 to 20 minutes of continuous showering (which is generally approximately 2.5 gallons per minute) maybe you would’ve thought twice before having a 20 minutes shower while day dreaming or preparing for your next presentation while the water is being wasted in gallons.

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