Using T-shirts to create other cool stuff

Who would’ve thought that a day would come to finally discover what can be done with those old T-shirts in our drawers and closets which often takes a lot of space and you don’t have any clue what to do with it.

In such situations the first thing that comes to mind is to give them away for charity or use it to wash your car and polish its interior, or maybe select the most comfy T-shirts to make it your Pajamas.

However, interestingly Chris Keenan’s article on has described how T-shirts can be utilized to save some cash and at the same time contribute to the environment:

  • Laptop Case:  Creating a Laptop Case out of a T-shirt in easy steps. a complete tutorial can be found here.
  • Pillow: Cut two straight lines: one from one shoulder to the other and another from the sleeves to the hem along the bottom. Trim a little or a lot off the bottom based on your liking, then just stitch it inside out, leaving adequate room to turn and stuff it. Once you’ve stuffed it with the filling of your choice, use a whip stitch or ladder stitch to close it and you’re ready for bed.
  • Quilt: Yes you heard that right, a whole quilt can be made out of your favorite color T-shirts. Cut your shirts into square pieces and sew them together.
  • Skirt: For all the ladies out there, this could turn up to be quite fashionable. Full tutorial for creating a skirt from an old shirt in under 30 seconds!
  • Grocery Bag or Gym Bag: Why waist grocery and supermarket plastic bags for no reason, make your own reusable grocery bag from a T-shirt to help contribute to the environment, who knows, you might be able to encourage others to do the same. On the other hand as far as gym/fitness bags are concerned, this is your best chance to turn your favorite sport T-shirt into a cool bag to show off with it in the gym or sports club. Full tutorial
  • Underwear: The most crucial aspect of an underwear is that it should be as comfortable as possible, and the best way to make that happen is by using your T-shirt to customize it the way you fantasize it. Full tutorial

As far as myself is concerned, I have this awesome Football T-shirt that I’d like to turn into a Laptop case to use for my upcoming semester in college :D.

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